Live from the Hatchery, Ep1 - Wildeboar Electric Trio

Live from the Hatchery

Live from the Hatchery is proud to present the Wildeboar Electric Trio, performing their original song “Golden River of Light” live in the Corn Room at Prairie Sun. The Trio is a new project featuring Eenor Wildeboar (Flying Frog Brigade, Yard Dogs Road Show) on guitar and vocals, Hassan Hurd (The Coup) on drums, and Sam Gulisano (The Jazz Iguanas) on bass. The Corn Room was originally a chicken hatchery, so we thought it a fitting place to shoot the first episode of our new series!


Audio engineered & mixed by Matt Wright
Video filmed and edited by Dave Rollans

“Live from the Hatchery” is a new, live-in-the-studio video series produced by producer/engineer Matt Wright, Prairie Sun studio manager Andrew Mastroni, and videographer Dave Rollans. Working in collaboration with Prairie Sun Recording Studios, where we shoot the series, and with the artists who appear in the series, we aim to create high quality videos of compelling performances of music we find exciting. If you enjoy the series, please check out our collaborators’ websites. You can reach our team at livefromthehatchery@gmail.com


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