About Matt Wright

Matt Wright is an independent record producer, mixer, and engineer working in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

Professional Services

Matt offers a variety of audio production services, including record production, studio engineering, and unattended online mixing.

Focused on the Music

Matt's focus is always on the music. Matt brings years of record-making experience to your project and maintains a standard for exceptional quality.
  • With a heart of a creative genius and a mind of a sound scientist,  Matt dove into our songs wholeheartedly. Our experience in the studio was alive and exhilarating!

    Sarah NuttingMaMuse
  • We've worked with Matt Wright on two separate projects, and will continue to work with him in the future.  He is a diligent worker with an outstanding ear.  Time and time again, Matt is able to cull the best performance possible from the musicians he works with.  He is very astute when dialing tones from instruments, voices, and amplifiers, and will continually pull from his knowledge and experience to find the best sounds for a record.  It was a great experience for our band to co-produce our records with Matt, as he is a very unique, creative sounding-post, and has an abundance of ideas of how to better serve each song.

  • Matt’s superior recording skills and knowledge of all facets of music, along with his ability to understand and work well with musicians, make him an excellent producer.  His strengthening and nurturing of our original songs all through the recording process resulted in an album we are very proud of.

    Phil Greene & Lisa ScottWhiskey & Honey
  • Matt Wright has a mysterious ability to draw out honest and believable performances.

    Jimmy HornMr. December
  • Matt's impeccable ear, knowledge, and patience, was a godsend to a particularly rowdy group, providing the skills the band needed to really gel in the studio. Over the course of a year, Matt became a member of the Salty De Vito family, and truly elevated our sound to a level we never imagined. Ever since our time with Matt has been over, it is hard to ignore the feeling that something is missing in our band.

    Jonathan CleggSalty De Vito
  • Matt is one of those rare engineers who has both amazing technical expertise as well as an instinctive feel for where the musician is coming from and where he/she wants the song to go. His recording, engineering, mixing, and production style feeds off the music and creates a sound that realizes the song's fullest potential without losing any creative inertia. Most engineers have strong suits but I've watched Matt easily coax the sweetest sounds from drums, guitars, vocals and bass alike. Honestly the best engineer I've ever worked with.

    Sasha Papadin1955
  • Working with Matt as he mixed our album was a breeze. He made each song reach its full potential without sacrificing our original artistic vision. Matt understands how music should sound and we can't wait to work with him again on future releases.

    Zachary HurlburtBetty Luma
  • Matt Wright is a very talented engineer with great instincts and musicality whom I have found to be a real asset in the studio. In addition, his attitude, approach and stamina make it possible to be in the studio with him for as much as twelve hours at a time and still hold his attention and focus.

    Mike Varney, producer/ownerShrapnel Label Group
  • I have asked Matt to set up in ancient, one-room schoolhouses and creepy sheep barns and work long hours in these strange places. He has always captured and cared for our sound no matter were we record.

  • Not only is Matt Wright an excellent engineer, he is also a grand chap to hang out with. One of the most important things in a studio environment is a sense of comfort, a musician doesn’t want to feel any stress beyond their prima donna manufactured angst, and Matt not only makes you feel secure and give your best performance, he also records it in the most professional way possible. Matt is adventurous when it is needed and he reigns it in when necessary. He is my favorite engineer.

    Dave HudsonBoxcar Saints
  • I've recorded in many situations and doing so with Matt at Prairie Sun was the most fun and effortless recording situation I've ever been in. Matt ‘got us’ right away as far as our sound and personalities go, and went with it, providing an environment where all you have to worry about is getting your performance right...which is the way it should be, but often is not. Super professional and laid back at the same time, Matt Wright is the true king of kings.


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